Luminous Dynamic Sculptures DI.DI.AU. "Bright irony"

Angelo Paparcuri is a child prodigy - don't misunderstand - our hero has long since abandoned his infancy, but his temperament has without doubt conserved certain aspects of that age: his creations are fundamentally lucid objects assembled with wires, cables and metal netting, pulleys and belts, transformers, solenoids, metal ornaments and soft diodes and halogen lights, chains, tubes and pipes. The forms thus obtained are phantasmagoric mechanisms where the figurative art is a pretext for giving free rein to creative enthusiasm. The image pervading these objects is similar to the one in certain post-atomic films, but purified of all somberness, of any possible reference to any nuclear holocaust: a pre-adult post-atomic world. In fact the cinematisms recall amusement parks, rides, merry-go-rounds, and give a particular interpretation to technology. What is technology for our prodigious mad scientist? It is the light at night that illuminates golden metal pylons, thin towers without surfaces that produce movements with no purpose, mills without wind, ironic pulleys moving transmission belts, liquids rising in odd alambics and lights flashing: it is the de-evolution of technology, purified of all intellectualism and all problematicity, seeking a new Arcadia in which nature substitutes science without nervous tension.

Mino Renato Alessi