Paparcuri's light games

DI.DI.AU. or dynamic self-illuminating devices is the title of the exhibition at the Galleria of Villa Niscemi, and of the curious compositions of Angelo Paparcuri. But despite their name, they are not mere mechanical devices. The Luminous dynamic sculptures of the young Palermitan artist are in fact the representation of subjects and situations, real or imaginary, that the movement and the play of light deliver in an ironic and desecrating way, creating a powerful suggestive effect. Help is given by the assemblage of materials such as springs, nails, nylon and copper wire, chains and other "humble" objects. "Inspiration" explains Angelo "can come from any image from daily life (like for example a moving crane) but often, and more simply, I ask myself only what I could realize with the fragments that pile up in my laboratory. So I sketch something, and then with the necessary adaptations, it becomes a three-dimensional work". Among the works on exhibit, particularly interesting are "Wind torture for half-men" and "The Carousel". The exhibit is open from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4.30 to 8 pm (the devices will be operating after 6 pm) until Monday.

(Giornale di Sicilia - 24 december 1997)