Paparcuri at Villa Niscemi.

Between pipes and pulleys, lights create a fantasy world. An exhibition that illuminates itself. The creations of Angelo Paparcuri, on display until December 29 at the Gallery at Villa Niscemi, do not need other light than their own. In the shade of the gallery, Paparcuri's works play with light and movement. Luminous Dynamic Sculptures or DI.DI.AU. dynamic.self-illuminating.devices, is the name the artist, a technician for ENEL recently landed in the arts, has given them. Wires, pulleys, belts, chains, nylon, copper, brass, Plexiglass and steel are transformed into something alive. All the devices are in fact equipped with 12-volt electric circuits, that along with flashing lights, create works in motion. A spider climbs up an imaginary web of small flies and a small universe opens before the visitor. The space comes alive with a thousand lights, created by the projection of shadows and cones of light on the walls and even on the visitor. Windmills turn between lights that mimic the moon. A chair revolves in endless, perpetual motion. Even the words come into play. Only later do we become aware of the ironic titles that accompany the works, stimulating the observer's imagination, bringing about different actions and moods. More than artwork, they are games that stimulate the imagination. Visitors will be fascinated by the movement, which continually transforms the work, creating images that constantly change.

(Il Mediterraneo 18 december 1997)