The Dynamic Self-illuminating Devices of Angelo Paparcuri.

The exhibition Di.Di.Au., housed in the multimedia room of Palazzo Dogana, will offer the public attending the film festival a truly unique opportunity to discover the original artistic production of a character of "multi-faceted efforts": Angelo Paparcuri, alias "ilgeniodellalampada" (the genie of the lamp). Musician, filmmaker, photographer, designer, writer, the Palermitan artist is basically a professional "experimenter in general". Through the exhibition of his mechanical devices (Luminous Dynamic Sculptures), which derive their ultimate expression from light in movement, he proposes a kind of ironic aesthetic dialogue between physics and art. Each work is in fact a "little show" that surprises the observer for the formal solutions obtained from the assembly of different materials and the suggestive kinetic force that incorporates light. A few titles of the works are enough to illustrate the artistic manifesto and programme of Paprcuri's devices - Wind torture for half-men, The Mother Superior, Arachnid games, The ball chair - and allow us to understand how the compositions of Paparcuri "illuminate" the curiosity and imagination of the observer.

Mara Mundi