4x4 Collective exhibition - 1997
The 4x4 collective exhibition is the brainchild of four friends who wanted an event where each member of the quartet could expose 4 of their own works. After finding the motive, they needed to find the scene, finally settling on the "The Other Gallery" of Nicola Bravo, located in Via Sammartino No. 97, Palermo. The four artists taking part in the event were: Agostino Di Trapani (painter), Daniele Randazzo (sculptor) who exhibited his "toys of Bacchus", Saverio Robberto (painter), Angelo Paparcuri with his Luminous Dynamic Sculptures or Di.Di.AU. (Dynamic Self-illuminating Devices): "The Ball Chair", "Arachnid Games", "The Mother Superior", "The Mill". The collective exhibition was held from March 9-21, 1997, in Palermo.