DI.DI.AU. The Dynamic Self-illuminating Devices of Angelo Paparcuri The exhibition Di.Di.Au., housed in the multimedia room of Palazzo Dogana, will offer the public attending the film festival a truly unique opportunity to discover the original artistic production of a character of "multi-faceted efforts": Angelo Paparcuri, alias "ilgeniodellalampada" (the genie of the lamp). Musician, filmmaker, photographer, designer, writer... (integral version)
Mara Mundi

Light from light. The Luminous Dynamic Sculptures of Angelo Paparcuri (Dynamic self-illuminating devices).
...the home page of Angelo Paparcuri, alias ilgeniodellalampada (the genie of the lamp), is illuminating (the pun is necessary) for an understanding of the complex aesthetic philosophy behind his Di.Di.Au. (Dynamic self-illuminating devices): a toothed wheel in motion advances a movie film, and at the same time installs, embosses and plants light on it... (integral version)
Gaetano Cristino

Luminous Dynamic Sculptures DI.DI.AU. (Dynamic self-illuminating devices)
...The movement or kinetic data that concerns Paparcuri is based primarily on light, free or incorporated into simple and efficient mechanical devices that enable light sources and their emanations to be followed with equally dynamic visual energy... (integral version)
Francesco Carbone

Luminous Dynamic Sculptures DI.DI.AU. "Bright irony"
...and give a particular interpretation to technology. What is technology for our prodigious mad scientist? It is the light at night that illuminates golden metal pylons, thin towers without surfaces that produce movements with no purpose, mills without wind, ironic pulleys moving transmission belts... (integral version)
Mino Renato Alessi

Paparcuri's light games
..."Inspiration" explains Angelo "can come from any image from daily life (like for example a moving crane) but often, and more simply, I ask myself only what I could realize with the fragments that pile up in my laboratory. So I sketch something, and then with the necessary adaptations, it becomes a three-dimensional work... (articolo integrale)
(Giornale di Sicilia del 24 dicembre 1997)

Paparcuri at Villa Niscemi. Between pipes and pulleys, lights create a fantasy world.
...The creations of Angelo Paparcuri, on display until December 29 at the Gallery at Villa Niscemi, do not need other light than their own. In the shade of the gallery, Paparcuri's works play with light and movement... (integral version)
(Il Mediterraneo del 18 dicembre 1997)