Angelo Paparcuri, alias ilgeniodellalampada (the genie of the lamp), was born in Palermo on May 20, 1964. After a brief career at the age of four as a model and singer, at nine he devotes himself to the art of writing, and at about ten years of age, he begins to build small cement models, refining his innate manual dexterity. His poems and writings are composed during his adolescence. While still young, he participates in various prose recitals, winning a parchment of merit in the Sicilian competition "Conca d'oro" (Palermo, 1981). He has always been passionate about music and percussion and, after several years of self-study, he begins playing with various groups, both in Italy and abroad. MIL, KALE-AKTE, UTHNA are some of the groups he has worked with. He studies electronics, and graduates as a technician for electrical and electronic industries. In the 90s, he becomes involved with lighting and applied mechanics, thus creating his Luminous Dynamic Sculptures or Di.Di.Au (dynamic self-illuminating devices) - works that draw their maximum expression from dynamic light. He participates in collective art exhibitions and events in Italy and abroad. In 2000 he creates "Genioproduction", a film production studio designed to produce only his own works. With his short films, as writer, director, actor, singer, he wins several national awards. The short films of the genie are also aired by RAI, Sky and Istituto Luce. The artistic efforts of Angelo Paparcuri can be found at: