EROS (Balanced electric coupling)

Have you ever wondered if there is any energy stronger than the one which unites living beings in the throes of passion? We are all familiar with Eros and, unawares, we are affected by him day by day, moment by moment; thought and action carry themselves forward only to fall back onto him, arrogantly and inevitably. I have often heard that other things are more important, but beware of advice from those who are no longer practicing... Everything leads back to one thing, that one gesture, the force of the universe, Amorous Intercourse, that generates life. The work in question is a universal hymn to love and a piece of advice for humanity. It was my duty, seeing things the way I do, to succeed in illuminating the gesture. The result is a male structure which supports the female part in a soft and alternating movement. At this point, you have to think in order to avoid fighting. Stay balanced.

Year of construction 1995
Size 20x20x40h