THE TORVENTO ((Wind-Torment, Dexter, Sinister)

For centuries, human beings, for fear of not belonging to a group or for convenience in the pursuit of their own ends, have always needed to take sides and choose their own social label, the necessary trademark. Thus arose our modus vivendi (way of life), something that would divide us forever into factions. Two opposing sides a priori, a mental space where belonging was obligatory. It was best to choose between Yin and Yang, black or white, the right or the left. Thus it was that man, according to his nature, inexorably began to wander from one side to the other, according to where the wind was coming from, without the least bit of conscience or rationality. The group in power will always give more strength to the relentless antagonist. I like to call the following phenomenon and its consequences which we cannot escape: "The Torvento (Wind-Torment)".