THE CAROUSEL - Merry-go-watt (one ride 1000 lira)

The Merry-go-watt quantifies game energy and its purpose is to measure Ludicwatts.
The Ludicwatt is the unit of measure used to quantify the use of recreational electrical energy. On a wooden base stands a metal load-bearing frame, inside which there is a rotor. Simply connect the device to the playful user of choice in a series circuit and begin counting. Taking into account that the energy transported during each spin of the unit is equal to n Watts, to produce a Ludicwatt we must spin the rotor nicely several times. A separate tachometer will be used to quantify in pecunia the amount of playful energy you have used. Rates vary depending on the type and mode of frolicsome energy selected.
1 turn of the Merry-go-watt = 100 Watt. 10 turns of the Merry-go-watt= 1 Ludicwatt. 1 Ludicwatt = 1 kilowatt. The Merry-go-watt acts in accordance with a universal law: "Every ride has its price."!
Year of construction 1994
Size 40x33x46h