On March 6, 1994 the cultural association "Civil Society", located in Via XX Settembre n.68, organises at Villa Trabia (Palermo) a group exhibition of itinerant art entitled "Live Villa Trabia". The artistic Sunday enjoys a great success. Ilgeniodellalampada exhibits the work: "Conquest of the upright position".
In 1994 the cultural association "Civil Society" (Palermo) again organises a group exhibition of art entitled "Look what the egg has become". The exhibition runs from March 26 to April 4, and hosts the very first work of ilgeniodellalampada entitled "Genesis".
On September 20, 1994 the City of Palermo organises a Sunday of art, sculpture, painting and visual arts at "Villa Garibaldi" in Piazza Marina. A huge and heterogeneous public attends. Ilgeniodellalampada exhibits the work: "Chains".
In 1998 the art gallery "The Other", owned by Nicola Bravo and located in Via Sammartino No. 97, Palermo, organises an "Exhibition of Arts and Crafts". The group exhibition runs from December 11 to January 10, 1999. Ilgeniodellalampada exhibits the work: "Arachnid Games".
In 1999 the cultural association "Candelai", located in Via Candelai n.65, Palermo, organises a group exhibition. The exhibition runs from November 5 to 13. Ilgeniodellalampada exhibits the work: "Balance".