(Inauguration of the Science Museum of Trento)

From July 26-27, 2013 the Genius of the Lamp and his Luminous Dynamic Sculptures (Sculture Luminodinamiche) participated in the Pre-Opening event organized by the Muse (Science Museum of Trento) for the inauguration of the science museumís new headquarters, designed and built by the renowned architect Renzo Piano. The event benefited from the work of scientists and artists who, under the supervision of Maximilian Tardio, realized a series of events that were a fusion of art and popular science (science shows, demonstrations, etc.).
The idea was to create 20 installations in 20 points throughout the city - in squares and museums - with the aim of involving both the public and the press, in order to give maximum visibility to this international event and the organizations and associations with which the Muse has been networking for some time now. The Genius of the Lampís installation was set up in the exhibition hall of "Torre Mirana" located inside "Palazzo Thun" near the city of Trento. The Genius exhibited the following Luminous Dynamic Sculptures: "Verba Volant" (Words Fly Away), "The Ball Chair", "Eros", "The Torvento" (Wind-Torment).