PAVIA - 1999
(Associazione Culturale "Sottovento")

The "Sottovento (Downwind)" Association was born in 1995, inheriting the premises of a small bar, which in turn had taken the place of an old inn which had operated locally since the early nineteenth century. In taverns as well as in literary cafés, people have always discussed politics, art and culture, and it is thanks to Carlo Tirola and his guidance that his restaurant has become a centre of artistic and cultural ferment. It is a reference point for the university environment and it hosts monthly exhibitions of artists from the hinterland and elsewhere. "Sottovento" is located in Via Sirocomi No. 8 in the Pavia centre. In 1999 ilgeniodellalampada displayed several Luminous Dynamic Sculptures or Di.Di.AU. (dynamic self-illuminating devices) in a personal exhibition. The works on display at the event were: "The Ball Chair", "Trapeze", "The Mother Superior", "The Mill".