THE ENCHANTED FOREST (Palazzo Asmundo 2001)

This art installation in the fireplace room of Palazzo Asmundo, Palermo (2001), delimited three zones - two lateral rooms and a central corridor for the flow of the public. The two external rooms were filled with leaves of Platanus acerifolia and hosted six small structures illuminated by the form of small and unusual trees. From above a copper tensile structure supported eight Elfidi (luminous woodland animals) suspended in the air, while wind created by fans flexed the brass wings of these nocturnal creatures, plunging the observers into the centre of an "Enchanted Forest". Palazzo Asmundo, located in Palermo in Via Pietro Novelli No. 3, was built by one Dr. Baliano in 1615 and was subsequently given to Giuseppe Asmundo, Count of Sessa. The frescoes by Gioacchino Martorana and the paintings from the Sicilian and Spanish baroque periods are the backdrop to an ideal venue for exhibitions and artistic events.