FOGGIA 2007 - "Di.Di.Au"

In 2007 ilgeniodellalampada (the genie of the lamp) participates in a solo exhibition entitled "Di.Di.Au".
The exhibition, organised by the Province of Foggia by Mimmo Di Lillo and Mara Mundi, is set up at "Palazzo Dogana", current headquarters of the Province of Bari (from 20 to 24 November 2007), in parallel with the "Independent Film Festival of Foggia". The Dynamic Self- Illuminating Sculptures presented at the event are: "Arachnid Games", "The Ball Chair", "Wind torture for half-men", "Verba Volant", "The Mother Superior". The event is a great success, and underlines the great curiosity of the public for the informal light sculptures of the artist. Special guests at the event are Prof. Ettore Benincasa and the critic Gaetano Cristino.